miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

Discusión entre pares

Sayed Abdelhamid
a 28 years female , what is the implant options ?

Ganapathi Vaiyapuri DCS/PFN

Amr Mansour Hassan Gamma nail. Difficult plating here

Eslam Shalapy PFN

Ashutosh Chaudhari pfn ,do u have a lateral xray ,if u open graft , avoid cerclages

Samir Safwat Proximal femoral nail may need open the fracture site for better reduction

Santanu Mandal pfn

Alok Jain One thing for sure...
U will have to open it, even for PFN..
Be careful for Varus..
Careful tissue dissection will be the Key..
Use fracture planes for reduction with Towel clips..
Be prepared to Graft....

Vipul Khera P.f.n but be sure of your entry point

Dinesh Rathi long pfn\ prox femur lp

Ahmed Eltanboly Px Fem

Neeraj Kharub PFN

Vaibhav Thakur Long pfn mini open 4 reduction.

Vaibhav Thakur Bone graft.

Sabyasachi Bardhan PFN would b preferably, cant say wether closed reduction can b achieved or not

Chetan Jaju what was mode of injury... very unusual fracture

Himanshu Gupta put him on traction table ...keep all things ready see the traction veiws and decide on table onle a super genius can comment seeing this xray ....

Khalaf Addokishi long gamma nail

Khalaf Addokishi long gamma nail

ElMa Canon Moreno PFN

Jamit Ordaz Toledo PFN

Mayur Kardile pfn and prayers

Nishikant Kumar ORIF WITH PF-LCP + BG

Drhm Prasanna PFN

Bhupal Varma 95 degree angle blade plate

Jesús Octavio Navarro Grano I agree with long gamma nail in continius traction

Natana Sabapathy PfnA2 or any recon nail with circlage wiring

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