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Focus Meeting - Cartilage Imaging


Focus Meeting - Cartilage Imaging
Welcome to Vienna
Special Highlight:  Workshops and demos on 3 Tesla and 7 Tesla MR scanners!!!

Impressions from Vienna !!

On behalf of the International Cartilage Repair Society - ICRS and the Course Directors, we would like to invite you and your colleagues to attend the "ICRS Focus Meeting 2012 – Cartilage Imaging” This 3 day course including hands-on modules will be held at Vienna Medical University, Department of Radiology, Austria from December 6 – 8, 2012. The preliminary programme is now available on our website for your information and review.

This unique course is designed especially for orthopedic surgeons to improve their knowledge in imaging of their patients or in their studies, for Radiologists to see and learn the newest developments especially in MRI of cartilage repair and for basic scientists to gain knowledge about all available imaging modalities in-vivo and in-vitro. 

Meanwhile the ICRS is not only dedicated to cartilage, but covers other musculo-skeletal structures such as menisci, cruciate ligaments, tendons and the intervertebral discs. Within this focus meeting basic and advanced imaging techniques will be presented and discussed and attendees from all over the world will have the possibility not only to learn about the newest developments as well as the basics of imaging in cartilage and cartilage repair, but they will also get familiar with the most advanced MR methods for visualization and quantification of menisci, cruciate ligaments, tendons and the intervertebral discs and how these methods help to detect diseases and injuries at an earlier stage and how the noninvasive monitoring of different repair surgeries can be improved. During different hands-on-workshops and demos which will be performed on 3 Tesla and 7 Tesla MR scanners, the attendees will have the possibility to learn e.g. directly at the MR scanner, with experts next to them. The availability of one of the worldwide few 7 Tesla MR scanners in this course will offer a perfect demonstration of clinical and scientific work.


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